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The plan was developed guidance for sustainable architectural design for the city of Al Ain 2030 on the basis of the idea of ​​” Oasis in the heart of the city ” Therefore, the Board directs the UPC to show that perception broad design individual buildings in the city green , and also in open spaces adjacent to those buildings and seeking of this trend indicative to provide guidance extention of architectural design for those involved in urban planning in order to achieve this goal . Where the history of the city is full of eye development patterns and types of buildings and construction materials and structures , fittings and colors that bear the stamp of the city and surrounding areas. Design Guidelines have been deduced received for Plan Al Ain 2030 , each of the existing and new buildings , from this cultural background which is distinguished by the city. It should be noted that it is important to avoid the literal application of traditional methods and advantages at the level of the city center. It is also important to avoid the application of solutions ” advanced technology ” and that is consistent with the current structure of the region. Since the end of Urban Design is an architectural solutions to its innovative and distinctive , contemporary fully compatible with this place and with the times in which we live